Šumava Mountains

Mysterious lakes

The Šumava lakes are almost places of pilgrimage, where people come with respect and reverence. It might be due to the unusual solemn atmosphere of deep forests and neighbouring rocks, or by the silent loneliness of these lakes, so intensively perceived by the Czech poet Jan Neruda who dedicated even a romance to the Black Lake...

su4All the eight Šumava lakes are situated in rock depression, so-called cirques deepened in ice ages by small glaciers. Five of them are on the Czech side, three others on the Bavarian side, at altitudes of 1000 to 1100 m. These cirque glaciers returned several times to their rock cradles and they always damaged the surrounding rock, so that it was gradually disintegrating and crashing down and progressively changing in a nearly perpendicular several hundreds meter high wall...

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