Šumava Mountains

Šumava´s gold

Ore had been mined in Šumava for centuries and mining activities were concentrated mainly in deposits situated in the triangle Kašperské Hory – Rejštejn – Hartmanice. The local gold has in general a very high fineness and its grains are mostly very tiny. It is contained in quartz veins penetrating through local rocks, mainly biotitic and graphitic gneisses...

Already the first human traces in Šumava led to gold. Since the middle of the first millennium B.C., Celtic tribes were coming there, undoubtedly attracted by golden grains in deposits brought by the Otava River and its affluents. They built here two high-situated fortresses – Sedlo near Albrechtice and Obří hrad (Giant’s Castle) near Popelná. They were known as makers of golden jewels and as the first ones to introduce golden mint coins to the territory of Bohemia...

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