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Town of colonnades

Karlovy Vary has undoubtedly still other positive attributes – Goethe called it for instance “the chessboard of Europe” – and since its foundation it has been our oldest and greatest spa resort. But the spa character of this town can be best seen in its colonnades. Although they were intended to enable walking and drinking of mineral water directly at springs, at the same time, they have become a part, or even the scene, of the spa’s social life...

spa3In addition, the architecture of Karlovy Vary used to change roughly each century and these changes of architectural taste manifested at first exactly in these covered promenade halls. The most beautiful local colonnades were built in the so-called Golden Age of Karlovy Vary, that is between the 1870´s and the beginning of the World War One. Busy building activities changing the aspect of the town resulted from the growing number of mostly very rich visitors from all over the world. At the end of the Golden Age, that is in 1911 - 1913, about 80 000 visitors used to come every year to Karlovy Vary and all of them were meeting in the colonnades. These airy temples of healing waters lived their own lives. Five colonnades of Karlovy Vary, that means five different stories...




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