Spa Triangle

Kladská peat bogs

On large plateaux of the Slavkovský les Forest above Mariánské Lázně, we will find a landscape of exceptional beauty with waterlogged meadows and swamps, lakes and ponds. In the wet unforested moorland, where moors have such names as Taiga, Five-Pointer (Paterák), Bold Head (Lysina) and Small Peatland (Malé Rašeliniště), only scarce trees are growing – mountain and bog pines and on drier meadows lonely Carpathians birches looking like feeble old women...

spa9The Kladská pond dates from the beginning of the 16th century. It flooded a part of the peat bog, which it partly drains. Already for several centuries, it has been a stable water reservoir on this plateau. In the Middle Ages, where ores were mined in the Slavkovský les Forest, its water was brought by Dlouhá stoka (Long Canal) down to the mines near Krásno. The pond itself is the centre of this unique park-like landscape. It is partly surrounded by the Taiga peat bog, partly by a waterlogged meadow and some of its shallow bays reach to the wet spruce forest...

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